ZeroNorth adds Spire data to voyage optimisation software

Maersk Tankers’ software spin-off company ZeroNorth has partnered with satellite data firm Spire Maritime to integrate Spire’s AIS and weather data into ZeroNorth’s vessel optimisation application Optimise. 

Optimise is used to assist tramp operators in keeping their vessels sailing at the optimal speed towards their destination, combining customer data with third-party information such as Spire’s to create its recommendations.  

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with Spire Maritime, which further powers up our Optimise software with genuinely market-leading vessel position data,” said Søren Meyer, CEO, ZeroNorth.  

“This profoundly rich data input enables Optimise to generate even better recommendations on vessel route and speed, in turn unlocking emissions reductions and revenue optimisations. However, this partnership is about more than data integration: by partnering together, we unite forward-thinking technologies to advance digitalisation within shipping and prove to the market that these solutions can generate real action on decarbonisation goals.”

“We believe these partnerships and the creation of collaborative ecosystems focused on the same goal are vital if shipping is to meet the challenges of the next decade. We are excited to continue to deepen our partnership with Spire to generate even better outcomes for our customers and the wider industry.” 

Launched in late 2018, Spire Maritime uses a combination of Satellite AIS, Dynamic AIS and Terrestrial AIS data to build a real-time picture of global maritime traffic. This is supplemented by weather data gathered from its constellation of satellites orbiting the globe, using remote sensing techniques such as radio occultation, and added to other available sources.

This allows for the capture of detailed temperature, humidity, and pressure information from across the entire planet, the company says.  

“We are excited by this new partnership with ZeroNorth. Optimise, and the powerful insights it can generate, is an obvious and fitting way to provide more users across shipping with access to our AIS and weather data,” said Simon van den Dries, General Manager, Spire Maritime. 

“The power of this data cannot be understated. Having a good understanding of positioning and open ocean condition is integral to optimising vessel performance. In the context of an increasingly conscious customer-base and with crew welfare front and centre, we believe that more people will recognise the importance of good data in shipping’s day-to-day operations.”

“Partnering with ZeroNorth allows us to champion these causes and prove to the market that collaboration and technological alignment are powerful tools in shipping’s toolbox to tackle the emergent challenges we all face.” 

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