Carrier Transicold links reefer containers with Net Feasa IoT connectivity

Carrier Transicold, a part of Carrier Global Corporation, has updated its TripLINK software and shipboard reefer container telematics platform to integrate with Net Feasa’s on-vessel IoT wireless monitoring platform EvenKeel.

EvenKeel is an open wireless service platform that provides IoT connectivity for vessel applications. Through this new partnership, Carrier Transicold will be able to combine its TripLink data management platform, designed to provide data on the health and status of reefer assets, with Net Feasa’s technology.

Reefers can use the set-up to communicate in real-time through IoT gateways mounted in strategic locations on the vessel. All reefer data is transmitted on an hourly basis and aggregated in EvenKeel, then forwarded to TripLink using the EvenKeel API.

The EvenKeel platform also manages regulatory compliance for all IoT radio transmissions based on the ship’s current regulatory jurisdiction.

“Net Feasa’s EvenKeel helps provide seamless connectivity between a shipping company and the increasing demands and complexity of IoT sensor deployments. More and more information will get to the bridge or to the cloud at minimal costs,” said Mike Fitzgerald, Net Feasa’s Chairman.

“We support all wireless technologies and optimise such to keep costs to shipping companies at a minimum.”

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