Global asset tag with integrated LoRaWAN launched for cargo tracking

Globe Tracker, Neosen Energy and Semtech Corporation have collaborated on the development of a new globally operational asset tag integrating the LoRaWAN protocol, to connect with sensors in different locations for intermodal logistics applications.

The new system includes a multi-band disposable/recyclable tag that can be used to enable the monitoring of cargo travelling inside logistics assets, employing a proprietary geospatial algorithm to ‘roam’ across radio frequency bands to maintain compliance with local regulatory agencies.

The tags can communicate with Globe Tracker gateways permanently installed on shipping and transportation equipment, such as marine and intermodal containers, and can also operate over the LoRaWAN protocol infrastructure in over 100 countries, for inland/last mile visibility into distribution centres, warehouses, and final destination locations.

The asset tag is compliant with the Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) IoT gateway standard for shipping containers, the first in-cargo sensor tag to meet the standard according to the developers.

“We were looking for a cost-effective way to complete the end-to-end visibility goals of our shipping line partners, their customers and the logistics ecosystem by enabling tracking and monitoring of cargo flow globally on a single set of technologies,” said Jakup Lamhauge, CEO at Globe Tracker.

“This development will allow for much more real-time, robust and efficient monitoring and control over goods in the global supply chain. The longer the tag stays in the supply chain the more value it generates to all supply chain stakeholders.”

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