Industry group aims to support global expansion of maritime tech start-ups

A group of six maritime industry veterans has formed a new organisation called Blue Alliance Partners, which aims to provide a collaborative platform to support growing maritime technology businesses in developing Go-to-Market strategies outside their home markets.

The group notes that, with innovative products often coming from smaller, more agile companies, it can be a struggle to scale up and build the long-lasting direct sales channel required to sell complex systems on a global basis.

Blue Alliance Partners will aim to assist in this area, acting as an independent body to provide a Go-to-Market execution service, with sales and marketing resources in key hubs across the globe to assist members in gaining access to those markets.

“It makes no sense that so many companies are trying to tackle the whole world on their own, selling their single product. Products that work well together are best sold together. It’s much easier that way for the end client to buy and implement the most cutting-edge solutions available today,” said Co-Founder Jan Wilhelmsson, who was previously Chief Digital Officer at Navig8 Group.

Fellow Co-Founder Henrik Dahl, who was previously CEO and founder of Wartsila company Eniram and is a member of the Board of StormGeo, adds: “When a company brings new technology to the industry, it takes a long time to establish the necessary trust and understanding for the technology to fully take off.”

“With our deep knowledge of both the technology sector and the various segments of the shipping industry, we can ensure the right technology finds the right players in the global industry, so that adaptation is accelerated.”

Blue Alliance Partners already has feet on the ground in the UK and Japan and says that it plans to ramp up operations with near term expansion into the US, Korea, Singapore, and the UAE.

In addition to Mr Wilhelmsson and Mr Dahl, other founders of the group include Keystone Law Partner Anastasia Papadopoulou, StratumFive Strategy Director Mike Powell, Western Bulk Chief Digital Officer Martine Hjelle, and Senior Director at Hapag Lloyd Joern Springer.

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