Smart Ship Hub becomes KVH Watch partner

Smart Ship Hub has become the newest partner on the KVH Watch vessel IoT data platform, linking its remote vessel and voyage management technology with the KVH connectivity and data delivery service.

The Smart Ship Hub platform provides performance advisory and predictive diagnostics for vessel performance optimisation, as well as remote video-based maintenance and surveys and a range of related services that rely on real-time data feeds.

“The pillars of Smart Ship Hub’s services include remote tracking, monitoring, and providing actionable insights to our customers so their vessels operate as safely and efficiently as possible,” said Joy Basu, CEO of Smart Ship Hub.

“We look forward to using KVH Watch connectivity to enable video, image, and real-time machine data that provides situational awareness and the most accurate assessment of vessel condition at any moment.”

KVH Watch is an IoT Connectivity as a Service product that provides machine-to-cloud satellite connectivity outside of a ship’s primary communications contract, for remote monitoring of onboard equipment and performance of on-demand Remote Expert Interventions using video, voice, or text via KVH’s global HTS network.

“It is exciting to see the possibilities for operational and cost benefits that a platform such as Smart Ship Hub can produce for maritime businesses,” said Sven Brooks, Senior Director of IoT Business Development for KVH.

“KVH Watch will enable Smart Ship Hub to have access to the real-time data that will make their digital platform all the smarter and will allow them to conduct troubleshooting sessions to solve critical issues at sea.”

“More importantly, it will allow Smart Ship Hub to deploy more digital services and features than ever before as KVH Watch removes the technical constraints and limitations imposed by the traditional satellite connection onboard.”

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