Aura VSAT adds new beams

Satcom Global has further extended capacity on its Aura maritime VSAT network, with the addition of two new satellite beams over Europe and the Indian Ocean; Astra 4a Nordic and SES-12 IOR.

The Astra 4a Nordic Ku-band beam should provide particular benefit for users with smaller Ku-band terminals, in the 60-80cm terminal range, in the Baltic, Norwegian and Barents Seas, the company said, though all Aura VSAT customers throughout Europe should experience improved performance.

SES-12 IOR will augment coverage and capacity across the waters of the Indian Ocean, stretching from Eastern Africa and Madagascar to the West Coast of Indonesia and up to Southern India, providing additional redundancy.

These most recent network enhancements follow the introduction of the NSS-6 satellite to the Aura network in November 2020, covering the North Pacific Ocean.

The Astra 4a Nordic and SES-12 IOR beams are operated by SES, on the Astra 4a and SES-12 HTS satellites.

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