Danelec completes trial of customised TeamViewer vessel remote access system

Danelec Marine reports that it has completed trials with remote computer access company TeamViewer on a new customised version of the TeamViewer IoT agent, to be used for ship data transfer and remote access to vessel systems.

The application embeds into the Operating System of Danelec’s Vessel Remote Server (VRS) and launches on demand to establish a secure ship-shore connection, providing central remote access capabilities management for a whole fleet.

Three Danelec Customers took part in the trials, which started in August 2020 and finished in December. Cypriot ship management company Interorient was one of those, using the system on five vessels and successfully meeting testing targets based on pre-Annual Performance Testing of the VDR and remote data downloads.

Danelec says that Interorient was also able to generate further operational savings during the trial by using remote access to optimise configuration of a new VDR and its connected sensors.

“The system answers our customers’ need for easier installation and management of secure remote access, and is relevant for OEMs looking to integrate low-cost, standardised remote access into their products or platforms,” said Casper Jensen, CEO, Danelec Marine.

“The VRS with TeamViewer IoT offers an affordable and simplified first-step into digitalisation, where remote access to all vessels in a fleet is managed centrally, providing new levels of flexibility for service teams working with individual vessels and sub-systems.”

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