Marlink improves real-time video capabilities

Marlink is to improve its real-time video interaction capabilities through the signing of a new partnership agreement with Apizee, a CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) provider.

The deal will allow Marlink to provide a higher level of support for customers requiring remote video access for collaborative working, safety, diagnostics, and maintenance activities onboard ships.

Apizee offers online chat and web-based high-definition collaboration services for real-time sharing of data, audio, and video assistance on mobile devices. These capabilities will be made available over the Marlink network to support digital collaborative applications and cloud-based services that may have previously been impractical to use in areas with limited connectivity coverage.

“Real-time video can give organisations and businesses better connections to their people and faster updates on the performance and status of their remote assets because experts can collaborate and guide remote technicians to conduct diagnostics and repairs,” said Michel L’Hostis, General Director, Apizee.

“Customers operating in areas where terrestrial networks are limited or non-existent will be able to enjoy high-quality, satellite-based video feeds from the most remote locations using tablets, smartphones and laptops.”

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