KVH increases bandwidth speeds on regional VSAT package

KVH has ramped up the data speeds on its regional AgilePlans VSAT service, providing 6 Mbps down/2 Mbps up for vessels that typically work in regional waters, within a worldwide coverage network.

AgilePlans Regional is a subscription-based package that includes a choice of 37cm satellite antennas, the TracPhone V30 or TracPhone V3-HTS with additional network management functionality.

Unlimited email and texting, installation, cybersecurity and maintenance services are also included in the monthly fee, with no ongoing commitment required.

“The challenges of the pandemic in the past year showed just how important reliable satellite communications are for working vessels and we are committed to ensuring that smaller commercial vessels have access to a solution that meets their needs,” said Mark Woodhead, KVH Executive Vice President for Mobile Connectivity.

“The no-commitment, all-inclusive AgilePlans model is designed to help fleets upgrade their satcom with no upfront CAPEX costs, which might otherwise be a barrier.”

The company’s AgilePlans Global service is provided with a choice of a 60cm TracPhone V7-HTS antenna, with data speeds up to 10/3 Mbps down/up, or a 1m TracPhone V11-HTS capable of 20/3 Mbps down/up.

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