Seafarer social media site PROPEL raises £160k in crowdfunding campaign

A social media and recruitment platform designed for seafarers called PROPEL has launched version 2.0 of its service after completing a crowdfunding campaign that raised approximately £160,000, with the company noting that a number of seafarers themselves have invested to become shareholders in the firm.

The goal of the site is to assist seafarers in managing their career and finding jobs whilst supporting conversation between those working within the industry. PROPEL 2.0 includes the roll out of new features such as an upgraded ‘Digital Discharge Book’ for job applications, a new way of securely sharing documents called ‘PROPEL check’, and discussion groups known as ‘Cabins’.

“We are really excited to be sharing the ownership of PROPEL with so many seafarers. For us, it is real validation that PROPEL can achieve what it was set out to do – bringing seafarers together, allowing them to manage their career and helping them to find their dream job,” said Fraser Matthew, one of three PROPEL co-founders and an actively serving Captain.

“PROPEL has made a set of pledges that are the bedrock of the relationship between the platform and its users. We pledge that we will never charge users to access PROPEL or apply for any job, we will always respect and protect their data and we are committed to having their voice heard. I think people see that we are genuinely trying to drive positive change in the lives of seafarers and want to be part of what we are building.”

“We are currently in a strange environment where despite there being a well-documented shortage of seafarers, there are thousands of seafarers struggling to find jobs due to Covid-19. PROPEL will bridge that gap, enabling those looking for maritime talent to find and select the best crew, and empowering seafarers looking for work to manage their digital CV and apply for jobs via PROPEL – a win-win for the industry.”

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