SEDNA and OrbitMI integrate data across platforms

Centralised team communications system SEDNA has announced a new integration with OrbitMI’s maritime intelligence platform, to allow teams within SEDNA to access and update data directly from OrbitMI and its connected applications based on the context of specific messages.

This integration will help to create a ‘single source of truth’ for vessel management and communications within the organisation, the company says, removing the need to switch between single-purpose systems and apps.

OrbitMI’s data platform is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that deliver actionable insights from vessel data in the form of dashboards and alerts via desktop and smartphone.

The SEDNA tie-up will allow OrbitMI data to be embedded as a workflow around messages via SEDNA Link, so team members viewing a message about a specific marine voyage can see its respective position details, route map, itinerary, and performance data.

Connecting the applications will remove the need for the team member to switch applications or tabs. If the message contains new information, the team member can enter it in either SEDNA to OrbitMI, which can then update Voyage Management Systems and other platforms.

Users can also add new vessels to a position list and insert full position lists without copying and pasting, and can automatically create emails in SEDNA with one click in OrbitMI, allowing them to send reminders to counter-parties while keeping all communications and correspondence history in one location.

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