IEC Telecom added to Iridium GMDSS service provider list

IEC Telecom has signed a partnership agreement with Iridium to become the latest addition to the list of official Iridium GMDSS service providers, the companies have announced.

IEC will offer the LT-3100S terminal by Lars Thrane, the first system licensed for Iridium GMDSS, which can initiate both Distress Alert and Safety Voice operations with the press of a single button and provide a reliable emergency line connecting to a Rescue Coordination Center to explain the nature of the emergency.

“Signing this partnership agreement with Iridium synchronises with our strategic vision to provide our customers with a reliable service where and when they need it the most, including the Northern shipping routes. The latter have a great potential to become a competitive trade channel in the near future. Cargo traffic in that area has been increasing for the past five years and this trend is here to stay,” said Dominique Audion, Group Chief Strategy Officer, IEC Telecom.

“We anticipate a big demand for Iridium GMDSS in the Asia-Pacific market, considering the high concentration of small and mid-sized vessels in this region. Crews on these types of vessels often have access to fewer resources than other professional mariners and are therefore exposed to a greater risk, particularly if sailing in deep waters.”

“With an Iridium GMDSS terminal onboard, vessel owners secure better working conditions for the crew as well as increasing the likelihood for assets to be salvaged if the ship sinks.”

The other previously approved Iridium GMDSS service providers include AST, Marlink, NSSLGlobal, Satcom Global and Polaris.

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