Roll Group rolls out We4Sea performance monitoring over Fleet Xpress

Dutch company We4Sea is to deliver a new fleet-wide web-based vessel performance monitoring system for heavy-lift shipowner Roll Group, utilising Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress satcom service integrated with its Fleet Data IoT platform.

Roll Group opted to extend its use of the platform following the completion of a free trial to assess the service and the connectivity set-up on two of its ships, RollDock Star and RollDock Storm.

The deal also sees We4Sea become an Inmarsat Certified Application Provider (CAP), joining the group of software developers offering applications via Inmarsat’s Fleet Data and Fleet Connect data infrastructure services.

“The combination of the free of charge Fleet Data and application trialling without risk will provide a ‘tipping point’ for maritime digitalisation,” said Marco Cristoforo Camporeale, Head of Maritime Digital, Inmarsat.

“This is the first example of a future-proof IoT set-up for ships that allows owners to investigate digitalisation without commitment. They can assess applications off the shelf and, if they deliver for their needs, agree on terms. In this case, the We4Sea trials on RollDock Star and RollDock Storm helped optimise speed and generator efficiency that led to a significant cut in fuel consumption.”

“Building Fleet Data capability into Fleet Xpress has allowed Roll Group to make up its own mind about third party applications based on individual merit and without upfront costs. The fact that the customer moved so swiftly from trial to fleet-wide commitment is a testament to the We4Sea application and also to the embedded Fleet Data as a true digital enabler.”

The We4Sea application uses a Digital Twin as the basis for comparison using the most easily accessible ship and operating profile data. Variations with the Digital Twin and ship data are flagged as potential inefficiencies that need action or correction reporting.

Under the CAP agreement with Inmarsat, We4Sea’s cloud analytics will use dedicated Fleet Data bandwidth to secure ship-shore communication via an Application Programming Interface, separating the connection from the ship’s own bandwidth package.

“A lot of owners understand that their vessels should be connected to the internet but still think in terms of remote monitoring based on conventional connectivity. Using an IoT-based platform, We4Sea has proved itself as able to deliver measurable performance improvements, even when connecting to only eight standard shipboard datasets,” said Dan Veen, Founder and CEO of We4Sea.

“We are delighted that our solution is now available under the terms of Inmarsat’s Certified Application Programme (CAP). Having established our solution on container ships, bulk carriers, and heavy lift vessels, we are now very much in the scaling-up phase.”

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