V.Ships Norway adds tanker crew entertainment system with KVH deal

V.Ships Norway has introduced new crew digital entertainment systems on 12 oil tankers, following the signing of an agreement with satcom service provider KVH.

KVH linkHUB, an onboard media player that provides a library of licensed movie and TV content, will be installed on the ships following the successful completion of an initial trial on one oil tanker.

“There is an increasing focus on seafarer wellbeing especially during this past year as crews have had to endure the pandemic, which continues to make life at sea very stressful and uncertain,” said Tine Ugland, Senior Crew Management Partner, V.Ships Norway.

“At the same time there has been a rapid move towards digital solutions, precipitated in part by the pandemic, with increased onboard crew demand for access to entertainment. KVH linkHUB provided the solution we needed: up-to-date licensed content in a compact, easy to install media player that did not require specialist installation. It enabled a fleet rollout to be completed quickly and easily.”

In addition to the crew deck, the service can also be made available on the officers’ deck, in the officers’ day room and in the crew day room, so all living spaces on the vessels will have signal reach to access content. A linkHUB set-top box is provided that can be connected using HDMI to any onboard TV, and a Wi-Fi access point is available for access on personal devices.

“At KVH, we recognised that not all ship operators and owners could easily provide news and entertainment content to their fleets due to complexities in dealing with a variety of satellite providers or a lack of VSAT broadband capability,” said Anthony Pike, KVH Vice President of Finance and Operations, EMEA.

“With our decades of experience in providing crew content in the form of videos, DVDs, and, in the 1960s, with reel-to-reel movie nights on the deck of a ship, we created the KVH linkHUB digital solution to provide crews with licensed premium content without the need for an internet connection.”

“It is incredibly easy to upload new selections from top Hollywood, Bollywood, Filipino, and international studios by simply inserting the linkHUB content drive provided by KVH into the linkHUB server.”

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