KVH adds global shipboard GSM internet connectivity with new system

KVH has introduced a new TracPhone LTE-1 Global marine communications system, designed to provide GSM-based internet access up to 30 kilometres offshore from 150 countries.

The system utilises LTE Advanced (LTE-A) cellular network technology, which is faster than regular 4G LTE, and builds on KVH’s US-only version of the system introduced in 2018 by adding a multi-carrier SIM that supports switching and roaming between LTE-equipped carriers.

The antenna dome housing the dual high-gain antenna array measures 34cm, and encases a modem, GPS, and Wi-Fi support. A single cable connects the antenna to a belowdecks Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) injector to provide power to the system.

“With our LTE-1 Global, vessels in more than 150 countries—from a centre console in Fort Lauderdale to a fishing fleet in southeast Asia—can experience internet access farther offshore than would be possible with their cell phones alone,” said Brent Bruun, Chief Operating Officer for KVH.

“The affordable, easy-to-install system means boaters can enjoy their connected lives while on the water and marine operators can optimise their businesses.”

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