MyFreight to work with Youredi on data exchange for freight forwarders and NVOCCs

MyFreight, a developer of cloud-based software for freight forwarders and NVOCCs, has partnered with data integration firm Youredi to provide a fully managed data connectivity service for supply chain and logistics messaging.

The partnership will help MyFreight to provide its own customers with real-time data flows directly from their preferred ocean carriers, as well as data from other parties such as airlines, terminals and customs to improve the efficiency of supply chain management.

“Slow digitalisation, lack of transparency and a uniform approach to exchange information between actors of the freight forwarding industry (shippers, carriers, terminals, customs, financial institutions, etc.) always were, and still are, the main blockers for many companies’ efficiency,” said Maarten Bos, Co-founder, MyFreight.

“MyFreight created SaaS software that helps overcome those challenges and makes global shipping processes faster, more cost-effective and smoother. The partnership with Youredi allows us to provide 100% reliable and accurate data for all stakeholders of our solutions and ensure the rapid growth of our platform and its network of connected carriers now and in the future.”

“This solution facilitates both better operational processes for our customers as well as best possible end customer experience that is becoming an essential requirement in today’s digitalising world of logistics and the global supply chain.”

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