Navarino joins Internet of Ships Open Platform

ShipDC's IoS-OP infrastructure

The Internet of Ships Open Platform (IoS-OP), the vessel IoT data sharing platform created by maritime industry stakeholders in Japan in 2018, has expanded its international membership with the addition of Greece-based satcom service provider Navarino.

Navarino will take part in the transmission and utilisation of vessel operational data within the IoS-OP framework and will also contribute to activities to raise broader industry awareness of the data sharing infrastructure, the partners said.

IoS-OP is a universal platform used to manage collection and access to vessel operational data among maritime stakeholders without compromising the interests of the data providers. It consists of sets of common rules established for access to the data collected, managed by the non-profit Ship Data Center, which is also responsible for collection and distribution of data within the ecosystem.

With the addition of a range of new shipping companies as members in 2021 IoS-OP is now collecting data for approximately 500 ships, the consortium says.

“We are delighted to announce that we have become a member of the IoS-OP Consortium,” said Nikos Ioakeim, Innovation Consultant at Navarino.

“IoS-OP’s aim is to accelerate the standardisation of onboard data collection, distribution and utilisation, and to democratise access to real vessel data by solution providers in order to develop new solutions. We look forward to collaborating with IoS-OP and bringing innovative solutions to the market.”

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