Windward expands maritime risk analytics capabilities

Predictive analytics company Windward has launched a new Company Risk Insights system, to provide users with risk assessments of all maritime entities including a beneficiary list up to and including the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO).

The company says that the system utilises a new ownership data repository, risk indicators, data sets and behavioural models to provide information that can be used within the counterparty due diligence process and to mitigate risk across related transactions.

Beneficiary lists are provided in partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, while a new partnership with LexisNexis allows for automatic screening of all vessels and companies against 130 local and international blacklists, including major sanctions lists.

Windward provides a unique risk rating for each maritime company and explanatory information regarding the relevant risk. This risk is customisable, dependent on risk appetite and predefined sanctions regimes that users wish to follow.

“At Windward we pride ourselves on providing our customers with insights that go beyond the data and we empower them to make business savvy decisions with confidence that follow all the latest regulations,” said Ami Daniel, CEO and Co-Founder of Windward.

“With Company Risk Insights, we are using more data, machine learning algorithms, and behavioural models to bring even more value to our partners and further establish Windward as the gold standard in maritime risk management.”

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