Shell and Baker Hughes launch oil and machinery remote monitoring service

Shell has launched a new analytics-based oil condition monitoring and machine health service for the marine sector, developed in partnership with Baker Hughes.

The new VitalyX system uses Shell’s existing Remote Sense technology, combined with services from Baker Hughes’ condition monitoring subsidiary Bently Nevada, to offer an early warning system that remotely monitors oil quality to increase machine uptime.

VitalyX uses real-time sensor data and machine learning tools to provide actionable insights to optimise equipment health and increase the operational efficiency of marine vessels, the partners said. 

“Digitalisation is maturing rapidly in the marine sector, with the data drawn from real-time remote monitoring not only enhancing operations and improving safety, but also delivering significant efficiency gains,” adds Ed J. Boufarah, Vice President, Bently Nevada.

“VitalyX provides operators with the predictive capability to optimise maintenance cost management, by switching from a time-based to a health-based approach.”

“This partnership between Shell and Bently Nevada combines the best of our expertise, as we invest for growth to further advance digital transformation and industrial asset management.”

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