Wärtsilä Cloud training added to Ocean Technologies Group platform

Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) has added Wärtsilä’s Cloud Simulation Solution to the OTG Ocean Learning Platform, expanding the e-Learning options available to both companies’ combined user base of over 3,000 shipping companies and training centres, and over a million seafarers.

Wärtsilä’s system includes instructor-led interactive simulation training, automated assessment, and a library of self-directed simulation exercises for Deck and Engineering learning pathways. The Ocean Learning Platform offers its own range of tools to plan, deliver, and report on seafarer training, with virtual classrooms for remote collaboration and support for content creation and distribution via its Ocean Learning Library.

The two companies announced a strategic partnership earlier this year to share their expertise and resources to support the creation of an end-to-end learning platform, bringing users together within one ecosystem.

“In just six months since our collaboration was announced, we have been able to bring our innovative teams together to design, plan and deliver a truly unique solution that combines our   complementary technologies to provide tangible benefits to maritime training – accessibility, flexibility, cost efficiencies, and importantly, new possibilities such as bringing advanced simulation-based training closer to the flow of work,” said Neil Bennett, Business Development Director, Global Simulation, Wärtsilä Voyage.

“It represents another important incremental step towards creating a more connected maritime learning ecosystem, bringing stakeholders closer together and consolidating more seafarer learning data all in one place for performance analysis and insights.”

“This is just the beginning of a very exciting and potentially game-changing collaboration that can help to support developing more competent, efficient, safer, and environmentally aware mariners able to succeed in our rapidly changing, digitised maritime industry.”

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