ZIM launches digital freight forwarding platform

Container line ZIM has launched a new digital freight forwarding subsidiary, with its Ship4wd platform aiming to offer online self-service end-to-end shipping.

The new system will go live on October 18, initially targeting US and Canadian small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) importing and exporting from China, Vietnam and Israel.

The digital service offered aims to cover all aspects of the international shipping process, to enable customers without previous experience in cross-border shipping to manage their import and export business. Live chat support will be available on the platform should users need some help with their bookings.

Ship4wd will offer a choice between the most economic or the fastest option according to the customer’s preferences, incorporating both sea and air shipping services up to the final destination, including land and rail transport, with associated logistics.

“As a leader of the accelerating digitalisation trend within the shipping industry, we are leveraging our expertise to launch an independent digital multi-function freight forwarder, consistent with our strategy of developing growth engines adjacent to our core business,” said Eli Glickman, ZIM President and CEO.

“Ship4wd undertakes to manage the entire logistic chain end to end, harnessing our core assets as a leading global carrier with a unique customer-centric approach to provide the optimal digital solution for the SMB segment, backed up by a wide network of vendors including ZIM.”

“The global need for digital services via personal mobile phones and tablets is increasing, especially among small and medium businesses, and Ship4wd is the ultimate solution. We are confident that with Ship4wd’s excellent team it can become a significant player in the multi-billion dollars freight forwarding industry as it will meet a much-needed demand for its services in the market.”

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