EMH Systems joins ABS platform

EMH Systems, a provider of compliance management systems, has joined classification society ABS’s Alliance Programme, linking the service into the ABS My Digital Fleet platform.

Backed by a global database of regional and international environmental regulations, EMH Systems aims to support shipowners and operators in maintaining compliance with changing environmental regulations in vessel operations.

Combining My Digital Fleet with EMH Systems’ capabilities will deliver visibility into waste stream restrictions and allowances, ABS says, as well as insight into all applicable regional and international regulations throughout a voyage. Operational risk can be proactively managed through route-planning and active monitoring of discharges based on geolocation to help minimise penalties and improve efficiency.

“As vessels move around the globe, they navigate a constantly evolving landscape of environmental regulations where compliance is a moving target,” said Smarty Mathew John, ABS Vice President, Digital Solutions.

“While GHG reduction measures are at the forefront, it is equally important, as acknowledged at MEPC 77, to focus on ballast water discharge, exhaust gas cleaning system discharge and marine plastic litter management to preserve our environmentally sensitive areas and protect aquatic life.”

“ABS My Digital Fleet users are now able to take advantage of EMH Systems’ advanced capabilities to track environmental compliance requirements throughout the voyage. It’s a powerful advantage for any ship manager looking to support their crew to make informed decisions and drive more sustainable operations.”

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