IB Marine integrates ChartWorld navigation data

IB Marine will now include ChartWorld’s navigation data within its InfoSHIP fleet performance monitoring system following a new agreement between the two companies.

The deal will expand InfoSHIP’s navigational data analysis capabilities with information on real-time ship positioning, for improved voyage planning and vessel performance optimisation.

InfoSHIP Performance is a cloud-based decision support system, designed to collect, integrate, extract, and analyse data from various pieces of equipment installed on board ships, along with data from day-to-day operations. It is used for monitoring of fleet operational efficiency based on AI-driven data analysis. 

ChartWorld will deliver global coverage of its i4-Insight Professional+ Charts, provided via a WMS (Web Mapping Service) application, hosted by ChartWorld. The hosting system can distribute chart images to multiple clients, simultaneously or sequentially, in response to map requests sent for particular geographic areas.

The partnership will allow IB Marine to leverage ChartWorld’s electronic navigational charts (ENC), route network, and port database within its applications.

“ChartWorld’s i4-Insight Professional+ Charts greatly improve what can be defined as ‘safe navigation’, a greater accuracy of navigational information necessary to lead the ship safely to its destination, in the right time, and without inconsistent and unplanned periods of stress on a vessel’s engine,” said Alessia Ferrari, InfoSHIP Performance product manager.

“All of these details have value for owners and operators. And, through InfoSHIP Performance, they become actionable information to optimise a ship’s performance, route, and even the ability to trace possible ‘hubs’ close to the ship’s docking area.”

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