Pacific Basin to roll out PortLog to 260 vessels

Pacific Basin has agreed a new deal with Marcura subsidiary PortLog, to implement a port time management platform across its entire fleet of over 260 owned and chartered vessels, which make more than 5,000 port calls every year in around 600 ports across 100 countries.

The vessel operator aims to use the software to reduce risk and costs associated with time spent in ports, as well as driving operational, cost and environmental efficiencies within the port environment and the ‘last mile’ of the supply chain.

The development also plays a part in Pacific Basin’s wider sustainability strategy, as it looks to increase operational efficiencies to reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions within the port environment.

PortLog combines standardised Statement of Fact (SoF) data with AIS, weather, and berth-level restriction information, allowing vessels’ turnaround times in ports to be measured and analysed for optimisation potential. Pacific Basin will be able to predict port time and delays at a terminal level with information on real-time terminal restrictions, weather and rain impact, as well as port holidays.

The PortLog team will also work with Pacific Basin to manage a customised implementation of the system for chartering managers and operations managers, enabling the analysis of specific data to drive usage and set KPIs, as well as developing intelligence and insights from Pacific Basin’s port calls.

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