RightShip launches heatmap to display inspection trends

RightShip has launched a new ‘Inspection Heatmap’, to display information about where the company has performed inspections in the previous calendar month, to allow users to understand current inspection trends in the industry and to assist shipowners in decisions about where, and when, they can get their vessels inspected.

Rightship inspections help to maintain a vessel’s Safety Score and benchmark the operation of the vessel against industry standards and best practices. However, ongoing Covid-19 restrictions continue to disrupt inspection operations worldwide.

The company notes that inspections are best performed at discharge ports or anchorages prior to loading, but other operational statuses can be considered. It’s latest data heatmap, from December 2021, shows more than 140 Rightship inspections, the majority of which were conducted in the Far East.

Inspections in Chinese ports are currently heavily restricted, RightShip says, and most of the inspections in China shown on the heatmap were undertaken during docking.

As inspections in China are currently restricted, Singapore, South Korea and Japan have taken on increased inspections, the number of which exceed pre-pandemic levels, the company says.

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