Euroports agrees multi-terminal software deal to improve standardisation

Euroports has signed a new contract with Navis for a multi-terminal implementation of its Master Terminal software system, to begin a three-phased roll-out plan across several terminals with a targeted go live within three years.

The initial five-year agreement includes the software and a managed services subscription. The project will focus on Euroports’ break-bulk facilities, with the new Navis TOS replacing legacy systems to create a greater level of standardisation across Euroports’ network.

Euroports says it is looking to create an integrated, real-time view of all operations and data across its facilities, consolidating performance results on a group level. The new software is expected to support better tracking of operations and increase efficiency in administration and communication, allowing the business to make better decisions on productivity and operational efficiency.

“We are putting a platform in place to provide operational excellence throughout our worldwide presence,” said Geert Gekiere, Chief Financial Officer at Euroports.

“This involves a customer-centric solution that captures best practices, consistent communication and efficient administration. The goal is to identify the most suitable solutions for all our stakeholders. I am certain that the Navis team is the right partner to assist us in making this trip a success.”

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