SnakeWays launches crew internet access service

SnakeWays has released its new SnakeCrew product, a cloud-based internet access management service for crew and passengers on board ship.

SnakeCrew comes as an independent software module hosted on the shipboard SnakeBox and can be deployed as a standalone or as part of a package of SnakeWays services. The system can be dedicated to a specific WAN for independence and security or can be deployed across multiple WAN circuits.

Crew members can access the service using the existing shipboard networks or by using any Wi-Fi enabled device. The captain has access to monitoring and management tools through a web interface, while shore-based personnel can also monitor access through the SnakeCloud online portal.

“SnakeCrew is a completely fresh approach to providing valuable crew members with a managed internet service whilst on board,” said Peter Schulze, CEO of SnakeWays.

“In developing SnakeCrew we started with a clean sheet. Our target throughout was to simplify access, not only for the crew member but also for those like the captain that need to manage the service. At the same time, we needed to ensure we incorporated all the key features that a multi-user service like this needs, in what can be a very complex environment.”

SnakeCrew is compatible with most maritime communication networks, including L-band, GSM and VSAT connections, the company notes.

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