Tipco to deploy iO3 systems for vessel operational visibility

Tipco Asphalt of Thailand has entered into a partnership with Singapore-based maritime technology company iO3 to implement its JARVISS digital systems to improve visibility on its marine operations and improve its ability to monitor the performance of engines and equipment in real time.

The collaboration will see Tipco adopt the JARVISS V.IoT software to create digital twins of its engines and other shipboard systems, and deploy JARVISS V.Sion smart glasses for real-time remote video conferencing on board.

Vessel data will be delivered along with ship behaviour analytics to support further improvement in fleet operations, in areas such as optimised maintenance, savings in fuel and lube consumption, lower service costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

“Tipco Marine Group owns, manages and operates a fleet of eight state of the art asphalt tankers,” said Oscar Olav Palacios, Fleet Manager, Tipco Maritime Company Limited.

“The deployment of JARVISS V.Sion and V.IoT solutions from iO3 allows for surveys and audits to be done remotely and gives us the ability to monitor and be alerted of engine performance on our remote assets, something we are very excited about, especially when it comes to predictive maintenance and having more control over our vessels.”

“The fact that the onboarding did not require changes to the systems we are already using on our ships made the decision to go with iO3 easy.”

A pilot of the systems was completed last December ahead of the completion of the contract, which included audit calls via V.Sion and the extraction of engine performance data via V.IoT. The full roll out is expected to be completed for the entire fleet before the end of this year.

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