Socatra adds IT management to Marlink VSAT contract

Tanker company Socatra has extended its existing deal with satcom provider Marlink, to include IT management services in addition to its vessel connectivity package.

France-based Socatra’s 12-vessel fleet has used Marlink VSAT for more than a decade, alongside its CyberGuard threat detection service.

The relationship will now be extended to include ITLink Advanced, which will enable the shipping company to transfer the management of its IT processes to Marlink. This will include Socatra’s Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) system, tools for compliance with applicable quality systems, and dedicated networks for business and crew communications.

Automated security monitoring is provided through a Security Information and Event Management system (SIEM) backed by Security Operations Centre (SOC) support and advanced threat hunting.

“Safety is the foundation of Socatra’s business; the maintenance of our ships, continuous training of employees and our commitment to communication all demonstrate this,” said Hector Firino Martell, Fleet Manager, Socatra.

“With the addition of ITLink Advanced, Socatra can improve our vessel operations data and enjoy smoother, faster compliance with charterer and regulatory requirements with enhanced access for crew training and collaboration.”

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