Tanker operator TB Marine adds StormGeo fleet performance system

German ship management company TB Marine has expanded its partnership with StormGeo, adding the fleet management tool s-Insight Technical to its digital workflow to identify cost-saving opportunities through performance improvement and meet upcoming decarbonisation regulations.

Founded in 2005, Hamburg-based TB Marine specialises in liquid chemical, product, and oil tanker transportation, carrying chemical products, clean petroleum products, and dirty petroleum products for oil majors and traders worldwide.

With 1,500 seafarers and 60 office staff, the ship management company manages a tanker fleet of approximately 40 vessels, both chemical tankers and product tankers. 

TB Marine began its relationship with StormGeo in 2017, installing StormGeo’s s-Planner for route optimisation, voyage planning, and weather forecasting. The firm has now added to this with the introduction of s-Insight Technical, which will be used to integrate management of its voyage, hull and propeller, engine, and systems performance through the software’s dashboards, analytics, and reporting.

“It’s all about gut-feeling and having the right partnership,” said Capt Sven Kruse, Fleet Manager and Director at TB Marine.

“StormGeo’s s-Planner and onboard weather-based route optimisation enable us to reduce both operational costs and greenhouse gas emissions. With the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) regulation approaching, StormGeo helps support our efforts to become one of the most energy-efficient ship managers.”

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