Four new maritime tech providers added to Kognifai

Applications and services from Optimarin, ChordX, Anda-Olsen and Awake.AI will now be available through Kongsberg’s Kognifai marketplace, following new agreements with the firms.

The Kognifai ecosystem allows Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight customers and partners to access and integrate applications and services from third party providers, to allow data collected within connected systems to be more easily shared for processing and analysis.

“We are very pleased to add Optimarin, ChordX, Anda-Olsen and Awake.AI as partners to the Kognifai Marketplace. This is a marketplace of quality applications and services where our Vessel Insight customers can tailor solutions to their needs,” said Kim Evanger, Vice President Maritime Partnerships at Kongsberg Digital.

“Adding four more partners extends the offered solutions even further to enhance maritime operations, increase safety and reduce emissions. We experience significant interest in joining our Kognifai Marketplace and are very happy to add more applications to enhance value and possibilities for our Vessel Insight customers.”

Optimarin is a provider of ballast water treatment systems, offering a software called OptiLink for managing compliant ballast operations.

ChordX is a maritime data analytics company in the areas of emissions, fuel consumption, and machine performance in the maritime sector. Its platform is a cloud-based software visualisation tool providing access to data analytics on machine performance, emissions and fuel performance.

Awake.AI is an AI-driven Smart Port and Shipping Platform offering AI based prediction and planning, delivered via its Smart Port as a Service web and mobile application.

Finally, Anda-Olsen is a supplier of UPS solutions for the maritime market, with its Anda Cloud offering IoT and sensor connectivity for surveillance of its UPS systems and collection of data for alarms and periodic maintenance.

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