Cobham Satcom adds new antennas to XTR range ahead of ORCHESTRA introduction

Cobham Satcom has announced the launch of a new generation of Ka-band antennas, the SAILOR XTR GX-R2 series, to be deployed on the Global Xpress network. The new systems have been designed to align with the hybrid network architecture of Inmarsat’s planned ORCHESTRA infrastructure, which will aim to combine satellite connectivity in multiple orbits with terrestrial 5G.

As geographical coverage evolves with new satellites in geostationary but also non-geosynchronous orbits, such as HEO and LEO, the SAILOR XTR technology has been designed to provide connectivity in new areas, for example, in the Arctic, and to be compatible with all future GX6-10 satellites.

“With new satellite constellations incoming, our partnership with Inmarsat effectively unlocks a choice of multiple constellations and orbits regardless of industry or vessel type – providing total connectivity coverage that’s flexible, from global shipping to offshore or fishing,” said Jens Ewerling, Global Product Manager, VSAT, at Cobham SATCOM.

“We’re proud to be able to provide dependable connectivity merging our innovation and best in-class technology with Inmarsat’s, that is capable of optimising every aspect of antenna operation and management to be ready for tomorrow, today.”

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