Laskaridis Shipping joins BV augmented data class notation project

Laskaridis Shipping has partnered with class society Bureau Veritas (BV) and tech firm METIS Cyberspace Technology in a pilot project to develop and apply a new BV SMART 3 Class notation covering the use of augmented data in ship operations.

The project will build on the  framework of SMART notations for ships developed by BV to provide consistent and uniform standards for the digital techniques used to monitor and improve fleet performance.

In the new ‘Smartship’ pilot project, Laskaridis Shipping will work with its two partners to develop a range of additional class notations adapted to the latest advances in digitalisation technology, with a focus on augmented ship data.

The SMART 3 notation will also cover ship to shore connectivity, remote decision support and remote operations.

“We are very proud to be a partner in the highly innovative SMART certification project,” said George Christopoulos, Chief Operating Officer, Laskaridis Shipping.

“We have committed to being at the forefront of maritime digitalisation based on the gains these technologies deliver in operational excellence and enhanced ship sustainability.”

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