MIT Panama implements optical character recognition to automate data collection

Panama’s Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT Panama) is implementing new OCR (optical character recognition) technology on all of its 21 ship-to-shore cranes, to automate information capture for containers loaded and discharged.

The new set-up will include a container feature recognition capability, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to enhance read rates. The centralised data delivered by the system will be used to improve planning at the berth and throughout the terminal handling process.

The system will be delivered by ABB, with the contract building on an existing relationship between ABB and terminal operator SSA Marine following the implementation of ABB Crane OCR at five SSA terminals in the US.

The package to be delivered includes OCR hardware and software for container number identification, a multi-purpose camera system which detects door direction, bolt seals, and hazardous material labels, a damage inspection imaging system as well as terminal tractor numbers identification.

In addition, ABB’s XClerk Exception Management System will be included to allow any exceptions to be reviewed and resolved from a remote location.

“We have been relying on ABB technologies and expertise for more than two decades and are happy to continue our mutually beneficial relationship with this OCR implementation,” said Manuel Pinzon, General Manager, MIT Panama.

“We expect the solution to deliver significant benefits, enabling a safer work environment for our employees, while also increasing operational efficiencies.”

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