Cydome approved to offer Maritime Cyber Baseline certification

Cydome has been confirmed as the first international certification body for Maritime Cyber Baseline, a new programme developed by the IASME consortium, together with the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, to raise cybersecurity standards within the maritime sector.

Based in the UK, IASME works alongside a network of certification bodies to help certify organisations of all sizes in both cyber security and counter fraud, with Cydome the latest to be added to that list.

The newly developed baseline offers shipping companies certification to assert that their vessels uphold maritime cybersecurity regulation standards and includes audits of different types of vessels, such as commercial vessels, passenger ferries, and yachts. It also covers both crewed and autonomous ships.

Cydome has been approved to provide certification services for the baseline, with its automated compliance system able to be applied to assess an entire fleet’s cyber risk status.

“We’re very proud to become the first international certification body for Maritime Cyber Baseline and to join the IASME consortium,” said Nir Ayalon, Cydome’s CEO.

“This step is aligned with Cydome’s vision of providing maritime organisations with the ability to show their cyber resilience through a quick automated process – reducing the friction, hassle, cost and time of manual audits.”

“Getting a Maritime Cyber Baseline certification will give a strong message to the shipping companies, insurance companies and the management of the commitment to having a secure fleet – and to mitigate cyber risks.”

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