DP World Southampton completes TOS software upgrade

DP World reports that it has completed the implementation of the CARGOES TOS+ Terminal Operating System at DP World Southampton in the UK, one of the country’s major deep-water ports with an annual throughput of 2 million TEU.

The introduction of the new terminal operating system in place of the legacy Navis N4 TOS application in use at the facility follows on from a £40 million investment into the port made by DP World last year.

The CARGOES TOS+ software is designed to optimise operations for efficient cargo and container handling at port and terminal facilities, offering functionality including simulation modelling, where terminal operations and the results of strategic planning can be seen in advance and fine-tuned before changes are made in the production environment.

Other new features include deadline handling for rail yard moves and dynamic zoning of quay cranes. This allows improved planning of discharge operations and empty container selection, to minimise travel distance and congestion.

Since the go-live of CARGOES TOS+ at the start of April 2022, DP World says that quay crane gross moves per hour (a crane’s ability to move containers over the quay wall each hour) has increased, whilst truck turnaround time (the total time spent by a truck in the terminal area) has decreased.

“As the first straddle carrier terminal and one of the first big European terminals in the DP World portfolio, the leap from the Navis platform to CARGOES TOS+ represented a significant milestone for us and also for the CARGOES TOS+ group,” said Matt Stride, Business Optimisation Manager – Operations, Project Lead, DP World Southampton.

“As a highly competitive terminal, DP World Southampton embraced the prospect of a new TOS in order to increase productivity, reduce delays and build a platform for the future. The team in Southampton look forward to the next stages where more of the terminal operations (Empty Park, Rail Operation) will fall under TOS+ management and control.”

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