ChartWorld ECDIS familiarisation course added to OTG platform

Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) and ChartWorld have signed an agreement to allow ChartWorld’s On-board Familiarisation System (OFS) to be accessed by seafarers via the OTG Ocean Learning Platform (OLP).

The OFS is a three-hour e-learning course designed to provide nautical officers with support and training in the use of ChartWorld’s ECDIS eGlobe G2.

The system is designed to provide the crew with the knowledge they require to operate the ECDIS safely, even without prior knowledge of this specific equipment, and can also be used to assist the crew in preparing for navigational audits and vettings.

“Even our most easy to use ECDIS in the market will require some operator training to maintain safe navigation at all times, since the bridge team is challenged with a variety of makers of this essential tool for passage planning and execution,” said Ralf Lehnert, Director Navigation Solutions for ChartWorld.

“OTG and ChartWorld have a significant overlapping customer base and this new agreement will add our OFS ECDIS training content to the Ocean Learning Platform, making it more effective and convenient for use by operators on-board and the crew management ashore.”

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