Accelleron moves to data-driven maintenance scheduling

Accelleron, ABB’s planned spin-off turbocharging business, has launched a new data-enabled service agreement with an accompanying customer analytics portal to optimise turbocharger maintenance and advise on turbocharger health.

The Turbo SmartCare service is aimed at the medium-speed four-stroke engine market, moving away from standard time-led service agreements defined by fixed inspection milestones, irrespective of the actual condition or health of the turbocharger, towards a data-driven analysis aimed at reducing unnecessary expenditure on turbocharger maintenance.

Users have access to fleet-wide turbocharger health indicators via the customer portal Loreka, which provides a traffic light status for the equipment and accompanying advisories provided by Accelleron experts.

As part of the new offering, Accelleron provides guaranteed coverage for the entire duration of the service agreement, which is based on a fixed price per running hour and covers scheduled and unscheduled maintenance with protection against unexpected events and wear on the turbochargers.

“Turbocharger data is carefully analysed by Accelleron experts, who provide deeper insights and advisories by combining analytics with our long history of engineering design experience,” said Dr Thorsten Bosse, Head of Global Service Product Management at Accelleron.

“As experts in the field of turbocharging, we provide Turbo SmartCare customers with insightful advice, for example on how to fine-tune Time Between Overhauls (TBO) to allow alignment of the engine overhaul with that of the turbocharger. This type of agreement represents a fundamental change in how we do turbocharger servicing in our industry.”

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