Autonomous tech firm Avikus connects with OneWeb in new partnership

OneWeb has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with autonomous vessel technologies company Avikus, a part of the Hyundai Heavy Industries group, to explore how LEO satellite technology can be applied to supporting autonomous shipping.

The partners plan to test and review the use of OneWeb’s satellite services to provide the necessary connectivity for operation of Avikus’ systems, evaluating the technology for future vessels as well as other systems within the HD Hyundai Group.

“This partnership is vital to HD Hyundai Avikus’ development of the next generation of marine technology and autonomous shipping,” said Dohyeong Lim, CEO of HD Hyundai Avikus.

“As a shipbuilding group and autonomous ship solution provider, we’re excited to be an early adopter of OneWeb’s advanced LEO connectivity. It is expected that this partnership will bring Avikus’s technology and business scalability to another level.”

“In addition, Avikus’ will serve as a bridgehead for HD Hyundai group’s digital twin, remote sea-trial and even new business development.”

Avikus has also recently signed MoUs with DNV, the Korean Register and the Liberian Registry (LISCR) to collaborate on developing and commercialising its Hyundai intelligent Navigation Assistant System (HiNAS 2.0), the AI-based technology that powers its autonomous operations by managing object detection through to situation analysis, planning and control.

HiNAS 2.0 is described as a Level 2 autonomous operations system, which refers to a remote controlled ship with seafarers on board.

The system assists in safe navigation by displaying AR (augmented reality) images of detected ships and navigation information, and can control heading and speed for collision avoidance and route tracking.

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