ABS adds CII tool to digital portfolio

ABS Digital Solutions, the newly formed group company created by classification society ABS incorporating its Nautical Systems and My Digital Fleet products, has launched a new CII monitoring and reporting tool to assist users in complying with IMO guidelines and meeting reporting requirements among external stakeholders.

The CII functionality will be a feature within My Digital Fleet’s Environmental Monitor module, used to visualise key decarbonisation performance indicators such as Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI) and Annual Efficiency Ratio (AER).

“The deadline for CII reporting is drawing close, yet many operators are still unsure how they’ll get their fleets and operations up-to-speed to meet the compliance requirements by January 1,” said Paul Sells, President and CEO of ABS Digital Solutions.

“ABS DS is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry’s needs by continuously delivering innovative tools. We developed our CII reporting functionality to provide ship owners with a unique offering that rolls monitoring, documenting, and reporting into one powerful solution.”

ABS notes that it has also published a number of case studies from across its user base demonstrating the potential benefits of adopting a continuous monitoring approach and proactively managing a fleet’s carbon footprint, with the goal of highlighting the business value created through improved environmental performance.

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