Hafnia agrees drone delivery deal for Singapore vessels following trial

Singapore-headquartered shipping company Hafnia, a member of BW Group, has agreed a deal with local start-up F-drones to begin management of deliveries of goods using drones to its vessels anchored in the port city.

The deal follows the completion of a successful trial of the F-drones system, which currently offers delivery of packages up to 10kg at a distance of approximately 15km.

The trials, carried out in June of this year, involved drones delivering small payloads to Hafnia vessels anchored in Singapore. Subsequent additional tests were carried out over the course of the year with F-drone’s latest technologies for longer range missions.

With the firms having now signed an official partnership agreement Hafnia will begin using drones for deliveries to its Singapore based vessels in circumstances where this is the most effective option available.

F-drones has plans to expand its capabilities further in 2023 with the scheduled launch of its Hyperlaunch Heavy drones, designed to carry 100kg payloads a distance of more than 100km.

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