Solstad Offshore transitions whole fleet to Marlink hybrid network

Solstad Offshore has moved its entire fleet to a hybrid network connectivity system delivered by Marlink, transitioning a further 25 ships on to Marlink’s Ku-band VSAT in addition to the 65 offshore vessels contracted to the service in January 2020.

The contract also includes 4G mobile services and Wi-Fi access on the ships, as well as the roll-out of the Marlink CyberGuard system across the fleet, a Cyber Detection service that uses threat hunting to retroactively investigate whether a newly identified indicator of compromise may have previously attacked the vessel.

Solstad Offshore can manage its systems via a self-service portal on board and on shore, allowing its bandwidth allocation to be up- or down-graded online, and services such as content filters and coverage areas to be activated or deactivated as required.

Other network management tools, including routing of data traffic according to the application in use based on prevailing latency, will be applied at the network level to optimise the communication environment.

“Solstad Offshore is committed to delivering the highest possible operational excellence and this means we do not cut any corners when it comes to our assets’ performance and co-ordination with shore,” said Christian Nesheim, ICT Director, Solstad Offshore.

“Concentrating our fleet with Marlink enables Solstad to upgrade our communication systems to a common standard and enhance crew connectivity and cyber security across all ships, wherever they operate.”

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