CBO to undertake decarbonisation modelling with Wärtsilä

Rio de Janeiro based Companhia Brasileira de Offshore (CBO) has signed an agreement with Wärtsilä  to perform a Decarbonisation Modelling project to accelerate CBO´s decarbonised operations strategy for its fleet of offshore support vessels.

The Wärtsilä modelling platform utilises a bank of vessel data and machine learning algorithms, creating an analysis of the potential benefits to CBO of both short- and long-term steps, including digitisation, energy efficiency and energy saving devices, hybridisation, and future alternative marine fuels, with a particular focus on the viability of ethanol fuel.

The intention is to have a complete report finalised before the end of this year, the companies said.

“CBO is strongly committed to establishing a leadership position in minimising the environmental impacts caused by shipping,” explains Marcelo Martins, CBO’s Technical and Commercial Director.

“Decarbonising our operations is, therefore, a priority, as is safety, which is why we are taking advantage of Wärtsilä’s expertise and competence to define the fastest and most cost-effective solutions to achieve these goals.”

This is Wärtsilä’s first Decarbonisation Service agreement for the Oil & Gas segment in Latin America, and its second in the Americas.

“We are very proud to be able to extend our close partnership with CBO through this decarbonisation agreement. We will work together to evaluate all possible solutions, taking into account their pros and cons, to find the most environmentally friendly and commercially viable alternatives for the fleet,” said Hanno Schoonman, Wärtsilä Sales Director for the Americas.

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