Zamil Offshore to implement IoT infrastructure on 60 vessels following Inmarsat deal

Offshore services provider Zamil Offshore is to roll out an Internet-of-Things (IoT) system to support performance optimisation on more than 60 vessels in the Gulf area, following an agreement with Inmarsat.

The system will include Inmarsat’s Fleet Connect and Fleet Data products, delivered using the satellite operator’s Fleet Xpress VSAT service. The set-up has already been successfully trialled on the fleet’s anchor tug, Zamil 57, and will be deployed on the remaining vessels to assist in identifying the best methods to meet vessel performance expectations set by the charterer, Saudi Aramco.

Fleet Connect will provide dedicated bandwidth to support vessel CCTV capabilities and other value-added services, while Fleet Data will support data analytics activities for efficiency and sustainability.

“Inmarsat has been deeply involved in this project from the outset, offering us guidance and support in securing value-added services that will allow us to meet Saudi Aramco’s requirements in surveillance and performance monitoring,” said Fredrik Lang, Technical Manager, Zamil Offshore.

“Thanks to the scalability of the IoT solution, we can add more applications and have the opportunity to evaluate different options to establish what best meets our needs within our contract. New applications for vessel digitalisation are surfacing constantly and we are delighted with how Fleet Xpress allows us to find the best providers without being locked in.” 

The implementation programme will also see an initial pilot of Videosoft Global’s live-video compression and transmission services for delivery of CCTV feeds, supported over Inmarsat’s Fleet Connect dedicated bandwidth channel. Vessel performance management capabilities will be provided by VPS using its Maress software package.

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