Knutsen OAS Shipping and CoolCo agree remote engine monitoring deals

WinGD reports that it has received orders from two LNG carrier operators for its WiDE engine monitoring, diagnostics and remote support service, with Knutsen OAS Shipping and CoolCo to implement the system on a total of nine vessels.

WiDE (WinGD Integrated Digital Expert) uses data sensors, analysis and modelling to compare engines’ in-service operation with their ideal reference performance for real-time conditions, to identify anomalies before they raise alarms and alerting crew to potential issues.

This can result in time spent on troubleshooting being avoided or dramatically reduced, while fleet managers can also optimise their maintenance programmes based on insight into component conditions.

Knutsen OAS Shipping has ordered the systems for seven vessels, which include a recently delivered LNG carrier and six under construction, while CoolCo, formed in 2021 with Eastern Pacific Shipping and Golar LNG as shareholders, will use the service on two existing vessels. The orders will deliver diagnostics to a total of 17 dual-fuel engines.

“WiDE empowers the vessel’s operation team with the tools needed to increase insight into engine performance, manage their maintenance plan and troubleshoot any challenges in order to reduce operating costs,” said Rudolf Holtbecker, Director Operations, WinGD.

“WiDE is a powerful tool for operators who want to take operating expenses into their own hands. Backed by our on-call experts, they can have total confidence that they will be able to maximise engine availability and optimise performance.”

“As new engine technologies start to enter the market this level of support will become an increasingly important safeguard for early adopters and pioneers.”

All new WinGD engines are fitted with the WiDE hardware as standard to enable the service, the company notes.

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