PIL to roll-out video surveillance system on 60 vessels

Pacific International Lines (PIL) has agreed a deal to deploy the V.Sight video analytics and surveillance system from iO3 on 60 vessels in its fleet, to detect intrusions and incidents in inaccessible areas of its ships, and to remotely monitor sensitive locations.

Trials of the system were carried out on two vessels from May to August of 2022, following which PIL agreed to extend the implementation to a larger portion of the fleet. The roll-out is expected to be completed by June 2023.

The shipboard infrastructure used by PIL for the system was designed and built by iO3, using data acceleration technology embedded in the company’s JARVISS platform to minimise latency on satellite communications links and improve the quality of video on shore.

“At PIL, our main digitalisation objectives are safety, security, efficiency and improved welfare for our crew. The improved ship to shore connectivity we have gained through iO3’s solutions will help us accomplish all these objectives, and more,” said Goh Chung Hun, Head, Fleet Division, PIL.

“The two key aspects that stood out for us were the data accelerator technology through JARVISS and the iO3 team’s expertise when it came to knowledge of shipboard infrastructure.”

“Additionally, the proactive support and great customer service we experienced during the trials gave us the confidence to expand the collaboration. We are excited to expedite our digitalisation journey, with iO3 as our partner.”

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