Intellian and OneWeb test flat panel antennas

Intellian and OneWeb have announced the completion of a joint over-the-air demonstration using Intellian’s flat panel technology, validating the performance of the system ahead of plans to begin production in Q4 2023.

The demonstration took place at Intellian’s Advanced Development Center (ADC) in Maryland, US, using an integrated Electronically Scanned Array (ESA) terminal operating in a live commercial network environment facilitated by OneWeb.

Intellian says that the ESA terminal achieved the maximum download and upload speeds supported by the OneWeb system in full duplex mode, with seamless beam hand-overs and satellite hand-overs.

Following completion of the tests, Intellian plans to bring a range of ESA terminals to market designed for specific requirements in the maritime, enterprise, land mobile and government sectors.

“Our strategic partnership with OneWeb has been further strengthened as we once again achieve another fantastic milestone together,” said Eric Sung, President and CEO at Intellian.

“This over-the-air demonstration validates the strength of our ESA technology and brings us one step closer to launching truly integrated products that all of OneWeb’s commercial customers can benefit from. With our new manufacturing campus also launched in Korea during 2022, we can deliver incredible scale and quality assurance to our partners.”

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