Marlink and Fraunhofer CML to create digitalisation ROI KPIs

Marlink has announced a new project with research institute Fraunhofer CML (Center for Maritime Logistics and Services) to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help define Return on Investment (ROI) scenarios for vessel data analysis.

Within the agreement, Marlink will leverage its BridgeLink system to deliver data from core engine room and bridge systems including VDR, ECDIS, Radar, AIS, AMS, engine control systems, cargo systems, propulsion and sensors, which will be analysed to provide a better understanding of how voyages can be optimised to reduce fuel consumption and streamline maintenance.

Using quantitative analysis techniques, Fraunhofer CML will produce a unified dataset that can be used as a reference model by owners who want to improve efficiency in data-driven use cases but whose technical departments may require additional support.

The KPIs generated will be measured against a baseline of historical data which will define the new data to be collected. From the data and supporting information provided, Fraunhofer CML and Marlink will then produce representative data on ROI scenarios for different use cases.

“Decarbonisation is challenging for many shipping companies, as it represents a fundamental change to their operations and a transformation in their customer relationships,” said Nicolas Furgé, President, Digital, Marlink.

“This research project will help shipowners implement their decarbonisation and optimisation strategies and help them plan investment and make decisions on a shorter timeline.”

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