SnakeWays expands SnakeBox portfolio

Two years on from the initial launch of SnakeWays’ SnakeBox intelligent router in 2021 the company has added two new rack mounted versions to its product portfolio.

The SnakeBox X and the SnakeBox XL incorporate 64-bit technology and Wi-Fi 6 interfaces for faster speeds and improved range for shipboard Wi-Fi networks.

“A number of our customers with sophisticated hybrid WAN solutions and multiple LAN installations on board were demanding more flexibility from the SnakeBox. They were also looking for a standard rack mounted version,” said Peter Schulze, CEO of SnakeWays.

“In developing these two new products, the SnakeWays team have taken the opportunity to improve upon the original SnakeBox and add some new features. Many of these improvements are behind the scenes but the most obvious one is the inclusion of four separate Wi-Fi 6 interfaces in both the SnakeBox X and the SnakeBox XL.”

“The result is a total of nine separately configurable LAN/WAN interfaces available, 10 when you include the in-built LTE interface of the SnakeBox XL”

Designed specifically for the maritime market to cater to VSAT installations that are combined with LEO, LTE and L-Band systems, the, SnakeWays units provide auto-switching based on quotas and allow any specific shipboard LAN or device to be dedicated to a single WAN segment, whilst other services on board are free to roam to whatever WAN segment is available.

The SnakeBoxes can be configured, monitored and controlled remotely via the SnakeCloud service. Direct remote access to the onboard equipment is provided through a SnakeDoor service, which comes as standard with both new units.

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