Nowhere Networks adds crew and passenger connectivity service

Radio-based maritime connectivity company Nowhere Networks has announced the addition of passenger and crew internet services for vessels travelling near shore, expanding on its existing vessel operational communications package.

The company says that its Onboard Services Solution offers a range of services for ship operators, as well as a Captive Portal which enables the vessel to provide information and advertisements to passengers as required, such as offers of free and premium services.

“In the connected world of today passengers on ferries expect to be able to read news, use social media and stream their favourite content. Professional users expect to be able to keep calling and video conferencing,” said Nowhere Networks CEO Asbjörn Frydenlund.

“We offer our customers, the ship operators, an easy way to cater to this need and have the ability to manage traffic to prioritise the critical needs of ship and crew.”

“There is great demand among our customers for these types of services in combination with the ability to manage the bandwidth used. Without any investments required on the part of our customers our Onboard Services solution provides them with a flexible solution catering to all their internet services needs while also providing them with the possibility of additional revenue.”

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